Susan Rancourt, Vocalist

Susan Rancourt is a San Francisco Bay Area jazz vocalist who honors the genre with warmth, intelligence, and wit. The response that Susan has gotten from Bay Area jazz musicians and enthusiasts belies her short tenure on the scene.

She applies her rich voice to ballads, swing and bossa tunes with equal comfort and is particularly skilled at interpreting lyrics. Susan's song list also includes jazz-infused contemporary tunes.

Of special note is her relaxed and inviting stage presence that makes every show a 'party'. At the same time she showcases the musicians and great tunes.

Rancourt in the S.F. Bay Area
Susan is new to the San Francisco Bay Area jazz scene and has honed her skills at many clubs that support developing jazz artists including: Anna's Jazz Island, Club Jazz Nouveau, Octavia Lounge, Martunis, Purple Onion, Rasselas, Wilde Oscars, and especially Kelly's Jazz Club of Alameda where she appears regularly. Susan has had several successful showcases and has appeared as a guest vocalist with Phreethinkers.

Susan was a guest in January 2006 on the
Serves You Right radio show, a cutting-edge lifestyle radio show in the
SF Bay Area. Hosts Stephen Valentino and Holly Rudin-Braschi interviewed Susan and a copy of that interview was broadcasted on
Cable Radio Network nationwide. A recording of that eight minute interview can be heard by clicking here.

Susan is currently studying privately with renowned jazz vocalist, Kitty Margolis.

In March of 2006, Susan attended Madeline Eastman's, Vocal Retreat.



Rancourt's East Coast Years
Susan was born and raised in Maine and was introduced to the great vocalists of Jazz and the American Songbook as a child. Often asked to sing at family and community gatherings, she developed a solid, confident stage presence at a young age. 

On a dare from her sister, Susan auditioned with Freda Masse who was retired from the Metropolitan Opera. Susan was the youngest student that Freda had ever accepted and spent two years of intense training on the basics of vocal technique.

Through classical training her vocal 'chops' developed and she was accepted as a vocalist into the Berklee College of Music in Boston. 



Rancourt's Pivotal Move
After a detour from music, Susan resumed her studies thanks to friend, Zoe Ellis. Zoe, the accomplished and popular Bay area vocalist who is a member of both Slammin' and SoVoSo, encouraged Susan to follow her passion for singing. She discovered the Jazz School and quickly entered the world of Bay Area jazz. Since then Susan has studied, performed and met wonderful friends and mentors in the jazz community. 

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