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1. Witchcraft | Full version

Sample Tracks:
1. God Bless the Child | 60-second sample
2. Speak Low | 60-second sample
3. Something to Live For | 60-second sample
4. Who Will Buy | 60-second sample
5. Witchcraft | 60-second sample


What the Fans Keep Saying
"I just love Susan Rancourt's voice--you know -- that full of emotion kind o'statement!” As the first cash customer for your debut CD, I am extending my heartfelt critique of your performance: 'It is great!' "

"I'm playing your CD nearly constantly! -- Such fun to hear the changes in your voice. Nice scat and the control of line!"

 "I had a great time! Listening to your beautiful voice and watching your awesome stage presence provided food for my soul."

 "I am applying for the position of President of your fan club. Please let us know of  your next gig."





What the Fans are Saying
"You have amazing stage presence as you banter with the band and with the audience. You have matured tremendously in your mastery of jazz technique. I loved your ability to transition ... with smoothness and silkiness. "

"I love the CD. Your feeling and affection for the music comes through loud & clear. You sing with passion, humor, love and dance in your heart. To be both creative, original and yet familiar at the same time is the art of a true performer."

"I listened to the CD and I absolutely loved it. The Autumn Leaves brought me to tears and I loved so many things that you have learned to do with that wonderful God-given gift of your voice."

"Your voice is gorgeous! Such a rich, rich quality ... very impressive. The musicians are awesome -- you are very lucky to have them!"

"First thing up, you were great at Anna's -- totally relaxed and your  pitch was right on. You're  such an amazing performer and singer and  you absolutely knock me out with your continuing growth. You know, from the very first time I heard you sing I thought to myself, now this is a natural jazz singer who's going to make waves. I just had to tell you this. I don't make it a point to go around and hear  vocalists, never have, but you're someone special."

"What a pleasure to see you at Anna's. What a voice! So elegant but down to earth! It is so rewarding to hear a song brought to life with color, character, phrasing and timing --- in short, made into art as your own."


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